“I am a functional nutritionist specializing in gut healing, food sensitivities, immune system strengthening, and hormone balancing.”

– Shannon South, FNTP, RWP


Anxiety, Mood Imbalances, Stress, Sleep Disturbances, Digestive Issues, Skin Problems, Libido, Weight Loss, Fertility Issues, Postpartum, Pre-menopause, and so much more.

(can be helped by bringing your body back into balance)

I am a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Each of us have our own unique bio-individual needs, but the nutritional recommendations I make are all rooted in the same philosophy: Eat a whole food, nutrient dense diet free of chemicals, additives, or processing, and drink plenty of water. Diet and lifestyle are always the starting point, and from there I determine which specific systems in the body or nutritional deficiencies need extra support.

Through a combined analysis of symptom presentation and lab testing, I am able to make targeted nutritional recommendations that get to the root cause and restore balance to the foundational systems of the body.

I use the best lab tests available for analyzing the gut microbiome, uncovering food sensitivities, and testing hormones. I incorporate blood lab tests ordered by your doctor, working to bring your markers into optimum range to make you feel your best.

I will teach you what foods you need to eat to work with your body to feel (and look) your best. Our bodies want to feel good, energized, and happy – and with the right wellness plan, they can.

Our bodies want to be in balance and they work hard to get there; however, the diet we consume, our emotional state, and the environment we live in can pull us far askew.

Symptoms are our body's way of telling us we have gotten out of balance. Pay attention!

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