What is functional nutrition for fertility?

Functional nutrition is a therapeutic approach to health that looks to determine the underlying root cause of an illness. This approach comes from the understanding that all body systems are integrated – with the functional relationship of the detoxification, digestive, hormone, and immune systems being extremely important. Functional nutrition focuses on understanding the function of the body as it relates to nutrition and diet, lifestyle, emotions, and environmental factors.

Functional nutritionists work to support the body in healing itself by removing the stressors, supplementing the deficiencies, and nourishing with whole foods and lifestyle recommendations. We look at the whole person, paying close attention to a wide variety of signs and symptoms connected to the foundational systems of the body. We take time to ask a lot of questions and we listen. We then create specifically tailored plans for each client, aiming to bring the body back into balance.

Our bodies want to be in balance and they work hard to get there; however, the diet we consume, our emotional state, and the toxins in our environment can pull us far askew.

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