Digestive Dysfunction / Microbiome Rebalancing

“All Disease Begins in The Gut.” – Hippocrates

 So many illnesses begin in the gut – even things that seem totally unrelated like infertility and anxiety, often are rooted in gut issues.
Specially trained in gut healing, I dig deep to find out the root cause of illnesses. I work with lab tests that give very detailed data on what microbial imbalances are going on in the gut and what food sensitivities you may have. The two tests I use work hand-in-hand, enabling me to create incredibly targeted gut healing protocols that will support the healing and rebalancing of your gut. 

The GI-MAP is a state of the art stool test that analyzes the DNA of your microbiome. It will find virtually any pathogen or bacteria that might be hanging out in your gut and gives quantifiable levels of good vs bad bacteria, yeast, and parasites. It tells us if there is inflammation in the gut, whether or not you are digesting your fats, whether you have a need for digestive enzymes and so much more. 
The second test is the MRT Food Sensitivity blood test. This test is invaluable and tests 170 foods and chemicals, revealing how inflammatory each food is. We use these two tests together, hand-in-hand because while we address pathogens using natural supplements and follow a gut healing protocol, we remove all sources of inflammation – foods, chemicals, opportunistic bacteria, and pathogens.
If you’ve taken antibiotics in your life, if you have gut issues, IBS, autoimmune disease, infertility, anxiety, depression and so much more, you should absolutely consider having these tests done. If you’ve done basic healing protocols and still have issues that you can’t figure out, I strongly recommend these tests. All disease begins in the gut and these tests get to the root cause of so many issues. So much healing can occur when you heal the gut first.

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