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Fertility Optimization

This program is recommended for women wanting to ensure the healthiest possible outcome for their child-to-be, as well as for those having challenges conceiving and/or undergoing fertility treatment. The goal is to bring mom-to-be’s body into balance and optimum health prior to conception, and to create a fertile environment for healthy conception to occur and a healthy baby to be grown.

The focus of the work we do is to support overall systemic health, hormonal balance, and egg quality (aka her baby’s health). We work in packages because three months is typically the minimum amount of time it takes to create noticeable change.


  • Initial 90 min consultation
  • 3 x 60 min follow-up consultations
  • Food journal review
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Follow-up Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Continued email/text support between appointments
  • Fertility diet guidelines
  • Individualized supplement protocol
  • Feed Your Fertile Body book
  • 20% off all supplements

Things we will address:

  • Digestion – to help you break down the nutrients you eat on a molecular level to be used by the body to make hormones
  • Blood sugar regulation – crucial to normalizing hormonal imbalances
  • Fatty acid absorption – critical to the entire endocrine system, the body cannot make hormones without healthy fats
  • Stress regulation / Adrenal support – high cortisol throws off the whole endocrine system, most often causing weakness in the thyroid and sex hormones
  • Hormone balance – all of the above plus additional targeted supplementation
  • Egg quality support – all of the above plus additional targeted supplementation
  • Inflammation reduction – supports healthy implantation

I highly recommend additional testing for gut pathogens and food sensitivities – particularly if there are any persistent digestive issues, inflammation, or unexplained infertility. Gut issues can often be at the root of hormonal imbalances, nutrient absorption issues, stress levels – all things that are important when wanting to conceive! Healing the gut is the first step in healing the whole body, and this work can remove large stressors off the body. (impaired digestion, pathogens, parasite, yeast, inflammation, food sensitivities, are all stressors)

  • Microbiome stool test – we use lab testing to discover any gut imbalances and create a therapeutic protocol focused on rebalancing. (additional fee)
  • Food sensitivity blood test – multiple food sensitivities create an environment of inflammation and a heightened immune response which can often prevent successful implantation. (additional fee)
  • Hormone testing – I work with a variety of hormone tests which will examine the cortisol and sex hormone rhythms which are invaluable sources of information in cases of infertility (additional fee)

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