Women’s circles

I believe one of the most important aspects of health for women is a solid network of other women. So often we go through very difficult times on our own and we just need to talk it out with others going through similar things. Message boards and online forums are helpful, but they really lack the emotional component of talking face-to-face.

My plan is to start regular meet-ups for women to support and inspire one another. I’d like to have women’s circles focused on fertility, postpartum health, mom-challenges, menopause etc. I’d love to have a casual gathering of women who are open to sharing ideas and offering words of encouragement. We could bring a bottle of wine or sip cups of tea. The most important thing here is to connect.

I have no idea how this will pan out – it’s just an idea that feels right to me. At the very least, we might all make some new, like-minded friends.

If this interests you, please join the mailing list and I’ll let you know when I get the ball rolling on this. Also, feel free to email me with ideas or topic suggestions.

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